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Poleurea application

13-07-2016, 12:59 | Section: Information / Services | Views: 1 722 | Found a bug?

LLC «GIS-Komplekt» provide polyurea coating service of acid tanks and reservoirs. This technology also used in our own products for corrosion and mechanical resistance.

Polyurea is a modern sprayable polymer that allows you to create the thin seamless waterproof layer, which is ready for use in just 15 seconds after application. Due to its composition, the resulting ultra-thin skin has incredible resistance to mechanical influences and aggressive chemical environments. Polyurea coatings are applied by "hot" airless spraying on any carefully and expertly prepared surfaces with any geometric shape and configuration

before coating after coating
before coating after coating

It is noteworthy that polyurea-based coatings are used in steel main pipelines to protect them from corrosion; they are also used to insulate industrial concrete or metal structures. First of all, such a coating is environmentally friendly and safe. This achieved because polyurea contains almost no impurities, comparing to other polyurethane coatings that contains volatile organic solvents causing problems related to toxicity, fire hazard.

Our company works with maximum efficiency, quick and high quality. Here are some key factors to achieve this:

  • Own modern equipment.
  • We use reliable and QC tested materials
  • Our high experience has allowed us to develop efficient technological processes that can seriously save time without losing quality
  • All our employees are highly qualified and perform their duties in full compliance with the requirements of governmental standards, fire and environmental safety, sanitary and technical requirements.

As per client request, we perform polyurea coating of the truck body (yacht hull, boat) using high quality materials produced by the world's leading chemical concerns.

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