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Thermal insulation by spraying polyurethane foam

24-08-2016, 10:03 | Section: Information / Services | Views: 1 456 | Found a bug?

Polyurethane foam has many advantages, which include high environmental friendliness of the material, the absence of “cold bridges”, quick installation, durability - such an insulation can last at least 25 years.

This is a very lightweight material, which is not afraid of moisture and temperature differences, it is firmly connected to materials such as paper, metal, plaster, roofing material etc.

The polyurethane foam applying technology is quite simple: mixed isocynate and polyol are sprayed under pressure onto the surface which in 10-12 sec becoming a hard coating.

Insulation with foamed polyethane can safely be called a method of the 21st century. Not one insulation is able to cover the surface of the desired shape with firmly contacting any surface. Thermal insulation by spraying polyurethane foam is a uniform coating of the entire surface without seams, which will not allow any cold to penetrate.

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